Elizabeth Gatherer's Wedding

Venue:  Farnham Castle

Posted by: colettejohnson October 19th, 2016

"I highly recommend Colette, she is incredibly skilled both with make up and hair.  I was lucky enough to get to know Colette before my big day as I booked a number of sessions with her including a make up trial, hair trial, make up lesson and a series of wedding facials.  I felt that Colette really prepared my skin for my wedding day and she also made tweaks to my colour palette when she realised my skin tone had changed over the summer.  I truly felt that Colette made me the most beautiful version of myself that I could be, I received so many wonderful compliments about how I looked, some people said I looked like a model and my bridesmaids said that Colette was worth her weight in gold, which she is.

Colette did my Mum's hair and make up too and my Mum looked absolutely stunning, my Mum has never let anyone do her make up before and it was something she had been very nervous about, it is a testament to how good Colette is the fact that my Mum was happy for her to not only do her make up but also apply individual lashes! 

Our make up stayed in place ALL day. I am so happy that I found Colette and it was wonderful to have such a calm, happy and lovely person to get me ready for the best day of my life!  I also do not know how I would have got my wedding dress on if Colette had not been there to help my Mum and sister with the task!"