Chadina Chanel's Wedding

Venue:  Highfield Park, Hook

Posted by: colettejohnson May 7th, 2016

“Colette did my makeup for my wedding and she was absolutely wonderful and a delight to work with.
I went to her home for a trial a few weeks before and without even saying a word she knew exactly what would look good on me.

I am often told I am particularly fussy in every aspect of my life, I prefer to call it discerning so when I do give praise it has been well and truly earned.

On the wedding day Colette arrived slightly early which was great as we didn’t have a huge window but in true form I was turned from a 43 year old plain Jane into a beautiful swan, despite the 4000 interruptions of questions that I had to answer, it’s not easy trying to paint a moving face. I loved that I still looked liked “me” as often brides have such a mask on they are practically unrecognisable, she just made me the best version of me. She also gave me a lipstick to keep to touch up throughout the day and I bought a new handmade tiara that totally finished off my look.

Huge thanks to you Colette, you are very talented with an extremely warm and caring soul.”