Our Favourite Five Beauty Must Haves From Illamasqua

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Posted by: clarethompson June 19th, 2018

Here at CJ Beauty & Co HQ we invest a lot of time into finding the best products for our clients and so as you can imagine we have tried and tested many many brands in our hunt for perfection.

A brand that we have always sworn by and our brides adore is llamasqua. So we were thrilled when they sent us lots of their products to road test and offer our expert opinion on. 

We thought it would be fun to share with you our favourite five - but boy oh boy choosing only five was pretty hard!

However after much agonising and some tear shedding we managed to do it...


No.5 Gel Sculpt - Silhouette (£25.00/8g)

A unique contouring gel that offers subtle definition and beautiful, natural contours.

Why we love it...

This lightweight gel be applied directly from the stick onto the skin and won't disrupt your foundation underneath. It just melts onto the face for a subtle natural super blendable contour. Just perfection for you wedding day

CJ Beauty Pro Team Top Tip - Remember to apply all your cream and gel products before you powder

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No.4 Hydra Veil (£34.00/30ml)

Part hydrator, part Primer - vitamin C and B3 work together to maintain hydration levels as well as smoothing and creating the perfect base for foundation

Why we love it

Wow! this stuff is good, we especially like using it on dehydrated and mature skin to plump and smooth. Foundation applies over it beautifully




No.3 Skin Base Foundation (£33.00/30ml)

This award-winning foundation is the go-to choice to create a flawless complexion. Lightweight and blendable, it softens and conditions thanks to skin boosting Vitamin C and E. 

Why we love it...

This foundation blends perfectly with a brush even in those tricky areas like on the nose or over smile lines. It is never cakey or dull and photographs beautifully making it a must for wedding day and special occasions. We also love that there are also 26 shades to choose from ensuring Illamasqua's place as a fabulously inclusive brand

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No.2 Satin Primer (£28.00/30ml)

This lightweight primer is designed to prolong the wear of your foundation as well as giving you that glow from within we all covet so much

Why we love it...

It glides on like a dream, non-sticky, leaving your skin looking smooth and radiant. It will hold your foundation in place all day so that it never breaks up, giving you a beautiful fresh faced finish.

CJ Beauty Pro Team Top Tip - mix with your foundation to create a sheerer more dewy finish - perfect for those hot summer days when less is more




No.1 Beyond Powder - Highlighter (£34.00/7g)

Adding subtle warmth and a healthy glow to skin, the range of shades perfectly match all skin tones.  'Epic' has just the right amount of colour to enhance medium to dark skin tones, and 'OMG' is great for paler skin tones, creating a beautiful simplified elegance.

Why we love it...

Oh my goodness where to start?! This is quite simply the highlighter of dreams! Buttery, smooth and ethereal. It doesn't emphasise texture or lines and can be lightly applied to create a soft glow or built up to create a glass like finish - either way this is an necessity for any beauty lover!

 Sssshhh insider secret – spray your brush with a fixing spray before applying for a super intense shine



Where to buy: https://www.illamasqua.com/

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