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Posted by: colettejohnson June 26th, 2018

Freckles... you either Love them or hate them, but either way, come summer time there is no getting away from them for some of us!

We love freckles here at CJ Beauty & Co HQ and believe they should be celebrated! We think they give the skin a healthy and youthful look and in our opinion, should be proudly displayed rather than covered up!

So in honour of freckle-faced goddesses everywhere we have put together this guide on freckly friendly make up...

The idea behind this look is to keep the face looking as fresh and natural as possible - Your ultimate skin but better!


Always start off with cleansed, moisturised skin - a lovely light moisturiser that sits beautifully under makeup is the Temple Spa "Be Still Settling Moisturiser" (£38/50ml) or the more pocket-friendly Nip + Fab "Kale Fix Moisturiser" (£8/50ml), two of our Pro Team favourites 


An important step in keeping your base looking dewy and light - opt for something along the lines of the Illamasqua 'Satin' primer (£28/30ml) or the Becca "First Light Priming Filter"(£32/30ml).


Ideally for this look you want something very lightweight, but that still has enough pigment to blur and perfect your skin - two very good options would be either the NARS "Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser" (£30/50ml) or the Glossier "Perfecting Skin Tint" (£20/30ml)- and yes you can use your fingers to apply and blend - and your welcome!

If you don't have anything like this in your collection, then never fear simply mix your usual foundation with a light non-silicone primer - for extra glow make it a radiant primer like MAC's "Strobe cream" (£25/50ml) - Peachlite is stunning on darker skin tones


Full coverage concealer is a real no-no for this look! Stick to a colour corrector for under the eyes and save the concealer for gently blending over blemishes if required. The CJ Beauty & Co Pro Team are massive fans of Illamasqua "Cream Pigment" in Androgen (£18/8g) to magic away any dark circles - use only a tiny amount and blend blend blend!



Cheekbones, Jawlines, Temples and everything in between

Stick to cream or liquid products to complete this look - Glossier "Cloud Paint" (£15/10ml) or the Illamasqua "Colour Veil" blush (£20) are fab on the cheeks and virtually Impossible to overdo. Chanel's "Soleil Tan De Chanel - Bronze Universel" (£40/30g) is a stunning cream bronzer but if this is out of your price range then opt for something like the NYX "Bright Idea Illuminating Stick" (£7.50/6g) - Maui Suntan is all kinds of gorgeous!

As for highlight - well knock yourself out!

Tap your favourite cream highlight onto your cheekbones, brow bones, temples, tip of the nose and cupids bow - and don't forget those collar bones. We adore Charlotte Tilbury "Hollywood Beauty Light Wand" (£29/12ml) for paler skin and MAC "Cream Colour Base" (£19/3.2g) in hush for darker skin. Just make sure you avoid anything too heavy or glittery - the aim is natural glow, not disco ball!

CJ Beauty Pro Team Top Tip - avoid applying to the under eye area, fine lines, and anywhere else you don't want to draw attention too!

Eyes & Brows

Keep eyes simple and definitely no winged liner!

Brows do your thing - be it ultra-defined or fluffy and soft!


Skip this step unless you have particularly oily skin and then only powder your T-zone keeping the rest of your face looking fresh - don't worry you will finish with a setting spray to keep everything in place. If you must must must use powder, go for a finely milled reflective type such as Hourglass "Ambient lighting Powder" (£40/10g) or MAC "Mineralize Skin Finish" (£25.50/10g)


Keep lips looking full and juicy with a simple gloss or balm

Setting your work

We love love love Urban Decay "All Nighter" setting spray (£24/118ml) - we have tried and tested this magic spray to death and never leave the studio without it!

Sssshhhh insider secret!: It is essential you fan your face dry after spritzing to unlock the setting spray's long-lasting powers!

What if you don't have freckles??

Fake them!

Using a brown brow pencil dot faux freckles over the bridge of your nose across to the tops of your cheekbones and above your brows. Pat gently with your finger - then add some more and repeat the patting until you have built up a gorgeous smattering of natural looking freckles




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